Systems/Software Integration

Why is Integration so Important?

The Simulation industry has seen a rise over the years of work-shares and partnerships between various companies.Simulator6

  • The OEMs in the aviation industry and providing simulation-based models for their aircraft systems.
  • The leaders in the simulation industry and looking for more cost-effective software components to build up their product lines.

Why Partner with Logiko Solutions?

We at Logiko Solutions have in-depth knowledge of Systems and Software integration. We are looking to partner with other companies in the simulation field and offer our integration services.

  • Our engineers have on average over 10 years of experience working on flight simulators.
  • We specialize in custom solutions, complex work-shares and updates.
    • This allows our partners to concentrate on their core business: the delivery of new simulators and their standard solutions.
  • We are lean, flexible and cost efficient.

Our Expertise

All Simulation Models and their interactions:

  • Synthetic Environments: Visuals, Weather, Terrain, Computer Generated Forces, Databasessim16
  • Aircraft Systems: Aerodynamics, Flight Controls, Autopilot/Navigation, Engines, Avionics systems, Communications
  • Support Systems: Motion/Vibration, Instructor Stations, Debriefing facilities, DB generation
  • Simulator Functionalities: Repositions, Freezes, Malfunctions, System resets
  • Realtime/SW Infrastructure: RTI, HLA, Dispatchers, Synchronization, Performance (throughput, overruns), Advanced Debugging

Industry standards, tools and methodologies:

  • Agile methodologies (Scrum, JIRA)
  • Configuration Management
  • Lifecycle management, testing and validation