Recruiting & Staffing


At Logiko Solutions, we work with our industry partners to develop the right talent acquisition and staffing initiatives that fit their needs.

  • Local and Specialized: We don’t boast about serving markets in all industries in hundreds of countries. Our recruiters understand the local markets and are experts in the fields of aeronautics, software development and simulation, gaming and IT. They have worked directly in these fields and understand our partners’ business needs, as well as the qualifications required to meet those needs.
  • End-to-End support and Commitment: We locate candidates, screen, assess skills and matching. Once our employee is placed, we stay connected to assure the needs and expectations of our partners are met.
  • The Right Match: We find candidates that contribute to your goals and culture. Once placed, they are fully immersed with the engineering teams of the organizations we partner with. We offer challenging mandates that help our employees gain invaluable experience and grow in their career development.

Whether the needs are project-based or permanent, we offer the flexibility so that our partners can adapt to their ever-changing staffing needs. We also offer the option to hire our contractors as permanent employees once their mandate is finished.