Obsolescence Management

Need to Plan Ahead?

There are many factors that may prompt a user to consider obsolescence management plans:

  • Imminent Hardware failure
  • Upgrade computers for better performance
  • New Operating Systems to replace obsolete ones

Very often, customers are satisfied with their existing IT Solution, embedded systems and/or applications. They simply want to extend their life expectancy and enjoy uninterrupted service for many more years.

Our Approach

At Logiko Solutions, we realize that cost is an important factor, and so we do not just blindly recommend updating all the HW, systems and software to the latest available. We discuss with our customers to understand their needs, perform an in-depth analysis including a risk assessment, and we propose several options that fall within their budget.

Our Strengths

  • No downtime: We work around your schedule.
  • Secure solution: We offer a turn-key solution including Backup-scheme, spare management, and enhanced IT security.
  • Experts in Re-hosting of software: We port your applications and software to new OSs. (32-bit to 64-bit. Windows XP to Windows 7, 8, 10)
  • Cost Efficient: We use COTS hardware. We are a lean company that can offer competitive prices.
  • Clear Reporting: We provide clear and concise status reports throughout the upgrade.
  • Validation and training: We demonstrate the work performed and stay with the customer until they have validated it works as intended. We train IT staff on procedures affected by the upgrade.