IT Security

How Safe Is Your Site?Security2

In the ever-changing environment of the IT world, it is important to assure that your Security measures keep your Computing Complex, your Systems and your Data protected.

Fully-Integrated Information System Security Solutions

We provide fully-integrated solutions, adapted to the needs of your industry. We consider the following factors:

  • Account Management: User Groups, password policies, usage of Group Policies.
  • Traceability: What kind of Security logging is required?
  • File/Data Access: Do multiple users access your systems with varying access to restricted data¬†on the Network?
  • Physical access to the servers/terminals: USB ports, access to computer cabinets, removable disks, card-readers, VPN, Terminal services.
  • Vulnerability due to¬†shared Networks: Firewalls, Anti-virus.
  • Data loss / Recovery procedures: Back-up Solutions. Image protection.
  • Incident response: What do you have in place if there is a breach or are infected?

Conducting IT Security Audits, Reviews, Assessments

At Logiko Solutions, we conduct:Audit2

  • Risk Assessments based on your sites architecture and needs.
  • Security Audits to assure you comply to strict security requirements.
  • Penetration Testing to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Reviews to assure that implemented solutions remain current.